The Expanding Round Table

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Expanding Round Table

Originally built for a customer in Wyoming, this was to be a custom, one of a kind, expanding round table that we never thought we would build again. Boy were we wrong.


Expanding Table Information


Western Heritage Furniture’s version of the expandable round table was actually inspired by a nearly 200 year old design, patented by Robert Jupe in 1835. While we are certainly not the only furniture company making these expandable tables today, we certainly pride ourselves on the fact that we build each one by hand, in our shop in Jerome, AZ, utilizing reclaimed lumber.


The Expandable Round Table from Western heritage Furniture is truly a wonderful mixture of wood craftsmanship, ingenuity and old fashioned mechanical “know-how”. We do not any CNC machines, automated equipment or any other type of high volume production techniques. Every table is made-to-order, one at a time, and customized to your specifications.

Lead Times

Due to the fact that our Expanding Round Table is built-to-order by our small crew, one at a time, there is a waiting list that seems to be growing longer. Please call or email for latest lead times.

The current lead time for this table is about 6 months.

Customization Options

The sky’s the limit. There are a variety of wood species, finishes, patterns, base styles and sizes available beyond the standard features listed above.

If you can dream it, we can build it; however, we do not guarantee they will automatically come. RSVPs are recommended.

One Person, Manual Operation

The table top spins on a simple “lazy susan” style substructure, allowing you to spin the table so the leaves can easily be extended or pushed back into place without having to walk around any chairs or other obstacles. This also comes in handy when you want to sample someone else’s dish from across the table while they are not looking.

The leaves are not automatic and the table does require slight manual operation. We truly love the automatic expansion tables you can find around the internet, and admire all of them – from the original Jupe Design, to the Fletcher Capstan Table – and are equally impressed by the $100,000+ price tags. We choose to keep the price of our expandable round dining table within an “affordable range” for those who don’t mind a little manual labor and have the extra 2 ½ minutes it takes to operate.


The starting price of the expandable round table is currently at $20,000 USD. You can expect to pay a slightly higher price for additional customization and features.

This subject to change as the technology changes, upgrades, or improvements are made to the design.

Deposits and Shipping

There is currently an ever growing waiting list for the Expandable Round Table.  The good news is that you can now secure your place inline by placing a deposit online.

We require a $10,000 deposit to begin construction on your table, with the balance due upon shipping. We accept the following payment types: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

All transactions are secure, processed and verified by and/or PayPal with the latest 256 bit encryption technology. If you have questions, or would like to place an order, please fill out the form below or call us at +1 (928) 649-1711 or post your question on Facebook.

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The Short Version
The Long Version

"I know you don't care to hear from me every time I look at my table...but you get to anyway!! Kidding again! I really won't!! However, today will be our first family dinner AND WE ARE EATING AT THE TABLE!!!"

− Connie Sondeno

"...and after the nuclear wars, the only things that will survive are cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Western Heritage Furniture!"

− Carmann Hess