Much like the early settlers who built the structures that we are reclaiming, Western Heritage Furniture is an industry pioneer. Craftsmanship is no catchword here at Western Heritage Furniture, but the very heart of what we create. We are dedicated to preserving some of the oldest traditions of handmade furniture, while also continuing to innovate using proprietary techniques developed over 20 years through trial and error.

Every table is made-to-order, one at a time, and customized to your specifications.


London is the capital city of England.


Paris is the capital of France.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

Due to the fact that our Expanding Round Tables are built one-at-a-time by our crew, we only build on average 4-5 per year. Also there is an ever-expanding waiting list as well. Please secure your place in the production schedule with a deposit; we can begin design and planning even while you are deciding on the final design details of your table.

Please call us at (800) 616-1424 or email us for latest lead times.New Paragraph
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