New Furniture 100 Years in the Making.

Every Piece of Reclaimed Wood Furniture has an Amazing Story Behind It.

Western Heritage furniture is made from wood we salvage from early a variety of early American structures. Many of these 100 year old barns, whiskey distilleries, brothels – even old Sears and Roebuck mail order homes – are destined for the burn pile.

Download a Catalog

The WHF catalog is easy to take with you with this PDF download.  Not only is it free, convenient and at your fingertips, but you just saved a tree.  Pat yourself on the back.

Furniture Collections

Each Furniture Collection by WHF has a distinct personality and style of its own.  Explore them all to discover which one best reflects your personal style.

Where to Buy

Where to buy WHF in your neighborhood. Stop by one of these locations to see our creations and talk to a home furnishings professional about the possibilities.

Custom Furniture

Even with the plethora of options available on all WHF items, sometimes the perfect piece of furniture requires something a little more “out of the box”. Let’s bring your vision to life.

Furniture Care

Life is meant for living, so kick your feet up on the coffee table! Enjoying your WHF creations is expected, as are spills, bumps, chips, and other accidents.  Lucky for you, caring for barnwood is a breeze.

Furniture Options

A variety of decorative options are available on all WHF furniture, creating unique combinations of reclaimed wood, leather, copper and leg/base styles is really simple and loads of fun. Mix it Up!

Furniture Gallery

Tired of reading and want to just look at pictures? Check out our furniture gallery of custom pieces, unique installations and other crafty things our team has built over the years. Scroll through photos, or view information about each project.

Furniture Videos

We love videos here at WHF, and about to unleash of bunch of updated videos of new furniture, custom items, our “movie” and other fun stuff. In the mean time you can checkout our YouTube Channel for existing videos of cool things happening here at WHF.

Ghostwood™ Process

Barnwood is very unique in character, not to mention history. Maintaining that character during the furniture making process is no easy task. Learn how we do that, and get a “behind the scenes” look at what’s made our reclaimed wood furniture so unique.

Jared Holman, owner of Bothell Furniture in Washington, does a great job describing our furniture on The New Day Northwest TV show that airs on KING5 in Seattle.

They Don’t Make Wood Like They Used To

We love to brag about how our wood “doesn’t grow on trees”. Ghostwood™, as we appropriately named it, is actually reclaimed wood that originated from stands of old growth forests – trees that took 200 to 400 years to mature. Most of these forests are now gone. Forever, largely due to extensive logging practices and higher demand.

Imagine if These Old Barns Could Talk

Imagine the stories they could tell. Early pioneers settling out west. Entire families dedicated to building their future. Railroads winding through remote settlements. The eclectic mix of characters that ride along not knowing what to expect. Our furniture is infused with this rich history that makes up the old west.

Submit Your Barn Story – We’ll Publish It

Do you have an interesting story to tell about that old barn on Grandpa’s farm? Are you part of a barn preservation society? Yes, they do exist. Maybe you had to get up early to milk the cows or gather the eggs? Maybe your first kiss happened on that bale of hay? Submit your story and a photo and we’ll publish it on our blog.

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“We are all drawn to things of age – guess it just puts a perspective on our outlook, and a darn good feeling that some things just don’t have to disappear entirely. Sort of gives a new meaning to sustainability.”