Reclaiming America.

One Barn at a Time.

Extraordinary reclaimed wood furniture from old American Structures and Barns.

Extraordinary Reclaimed Wood Furniture.

Made with in Jerome, Arizona, USA.

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“Extraordinary reclaimed wood furniture that has been handcrafted from the reclaimed wood of old barns and other aging American structures that were originally constructed from old growth timber more than a century ago.”

Reclaiming America

Western Heritage started making furniture in 1993 from recycled logs reclaimed from slash-and-burn piles in the Pacific Northwest – out of necessity. We continue to reclaim wood from old buildings and barns all over the United States as standard practice. With each finished piece of furniture, we take pride in knowing that we have preserved another piece of American history that will live on in your home for generations to come.

Green Before It Was “Cool”

Sustainable furniture is not exactly a new idea. Americans have refinished, re-used, re-purposed and created furniture from weathered old wood for centuries. Each piece within the Western Heritage Furniture Collection has a unique patina ranging from rich grays to hints of orange and deep rust. Western Heritage Furniture Collection is an innovative blend of reclaimed, weathered wood fused with regionally harvested solid woods.

Tomorrow’s Antiques Today

Much like the early settlers who built the structures that we are reclaiming, Western Heritage Furniture is an industry pioneer. Craftsmanship is no catchword here at Western Heritage Furniture but the very heart of what we create. We are dedicated to preserving some of the oldest traditions of handmade furniture using reclaimed wood. Our furniture is designed to grow more beautiful—and more comfortable—with age.

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Our dedication to quality is reflected in every detail of each piece of furniture that we build.

Our approach of delivering high quality craftsmanship and professional service has allowed us to exceed the highest standards of excellence through every step of the building process.

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What our customers have to say about our furniture:

"...and after the nuclear wars, the only things that will survive are cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Western Heritage Furniture!"

− Carman Hess

"I know you don't care to hear from me every time I look at my table...but you get to anyway!! Kidding again! I really won't!! However, today will be our first family dinner AND WE ARE EATING AT THE TABLE!!!"

− Connie Sondeno

"Hi Tim, just wanted to let you guys know how much we LOVE our dining and dinette table and chairs and our sofa table. We have so enjoyed using them and showing them off to family and friends - they are certainly WOW factors in our new home!"

− Sherrie Lane